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Technology Overview

IIBX offers State of the Art Electronic Trading Platform to the market participants. The Electronic Trading System maintains the Centralized Order Book and provides automatic matching of bids and offers in an anonymous manner. The Trading system allows the participants to place various order types like Limit Order, Market Order, Immediate or Cancel Orders, Fill or Kill Order and the Stoploss orders. The prices discovered on the Electronic Trading Platform are disseminated on various Trading Terminals, Exchange Website and to the datafeed vendors on real time basis. The system also consists of Online and Offline surveillance, real time VaR-based Margining, Pre-Order validations, Risk Management tools and efficient Clearing & Settlement System. The system is tightly interfaced with Depository system to enable smooth settlement of contracts. IIBX provides secured online connectivity to various market participants through multiple modes of connectivity like Internet, Leased Line and MPLS network.

The IT Infrastructure has been designed for the five key parameters viz. Performance, Reliability, Agility, Scalability and Security. IIBX is running on High Availability IT infrastructure consisting of Servers, Storage, Switches, Routers and Security Appliances. The redundancy has been built at each level to ensure that there is no single point of failure, and the Exchange can provide the high uptime. IIBX also has the state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre which monitors the security of the IT Infrastructure on 24X7 basis to thwart any Security breaches and incidents.

The robust technology infrastructure enables IIBX to operate efficiently and facilitates fast order routing, immediate trade execution, trade reporting, market data dissemination, risk management and market surveillance. The Software coupled with user friendly functionalities and sound architecture ensures that it meets all the regulatory requirements. The systems and processes of the IIBX are designed to safeguard market integrity and to enhance transparency in operations. The Surveillance system of the Exchange generate alerts based on the user configurable thresholds, to trigger any unusual trading trends.

Continual improvement and increase in efficiency and accuracy through automation is the motto of IIBX. We are committed to provide the world class technology and ease of trade and settlement to our members and clients.